These Conditions (The "General Conditions" or "GCC") together, in its case, with the particular conditions that may be established, they shall expressly relationships arising between Mueve-t Sport & Leisure S.L. ("Mueve-t"), with C.I.F. B33942053, inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Asturias, Volume 3550, Book 0, Folio 65, Section 8, Sheet AS-35620, whose registered office is at C / Niort, 10 - 4D, C.P. 33204, Gijón, Asturias, Spain, and customers to contract the products and services (the "Customer" or "User") offered through the online store available in the Online Purchase (the "Online Shop") section of the website (the "Website").

You can get more information on Mueve-t through, sending an email to the email address, or by filling in the available form by clicking on "Contact" we & quot;.


Products offered in the Online Shop are directed, solely and exclusively, to (i) individuals, and (ii) legal persons, in both cases "Consumers" or "users" in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws ("Law on Consumers and Users "). Consequently, they may not purchase the Products offered through the Online Shop, by way of illustration and not limiting, minors, supermarkets, department stores, wholesalers, distributors, intermediaries and other professionals in the power.

The person registered on the Website. Once the User makes an order ("Order") and complete this Order, you will become a Client.


Making a purchase in the Online Shop will require the full and unreserved acceptance of the GTC, as well as and of the particular conditions which, in their case, govern the acquisition, in the following terms:

The first time a User registered purchase must mark the corresponding acceptance checkbox. The next time you buy the checkbox it will appear premarked, unless you have modified the GCC, in which case it will be advised that there have been changes in and the Registered User must re-mark the checkbox as sign of acceptance.

Move-t can modify mode unilateral, at any time, the CGC. Therefore, the User must read the General Conditions, whenever it is proposed to accede to the Online Shop, as they can be modified.


Mueve-t offers a wide and variety of products in its Online Shop, in respect of which it will appear on the screen its price and its characteristics (the "Product (s)"). Mueve-t informs you that the images of the Products that the User may to visualize in the Online Shop are shown to the unique identification effects and descriptive, and may differ from those finally delivered to the Customer.

Mueve-t guarantees existence of all the products that are offered in the Online Shop, although, may not guarantee availability for all Users and in the volumes required by them at the time of the Order. In the event that, at the time of delivery of the Order, Mueve-t does not contain any products selected by the Customer, proceed to detract said product from the Order and to discount the Customer the price of the same of the final amount of the Order.

Mueve-t guarantees to the Client the of the day on which the purchase was made, irrespective of the date on which the make the delivery, so that the Customer can take advantage of all the offers at the time of placing their orders, without prejudice to the fact that, in at the time of delivery, such offers may not be current.

On the other hand, in the case of that the price of the Products is determined by the price per kilogram, the final price will depend on the actual weight of the product supplied. For this reason, the purchase price may differ from the Order amount due to the existence of products of variable weight in delivery.

Mueve-t informs you that all prices shown on the Online Shop include the Value Tax Added (VAT).

Mueve-t reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, prices of the Products, as well as to suspend or cancel their sale temporarily or definitive.


Our Online Shop meets all the legally enforceable requirements. In particular, labeling and the information available for each article, we make our best efforts to ensure that they are as accurate as possible.

Exceptionally, by the introduction of improvements in marketed products, it is possible that the finally supplied product undergoes some variation in its characteristics with respect to those indicated in the Online Shop (such as its packaging, composition, dimensions, availability or safety instructions). For this reason, it is recommended to all our customers that, before acquiring and consume or use the products of the Online Shop, carefully read the information available in our Online Shop along with the one contained in the labeling and the safety requirements of the products supplied. Move-t is not responsible for any inaccuracies or inaccuracies in the information contained in the Online Shop.

Additionally, if you wish supplementary and up-to-date information on the specific characteristics or safety information of a particular item, our customers can contact the manufacturer or with Mueve-t by means of enabled for this purpose

The purpose of this warning is solely to ensure in the use of marketed products and does not affect the rights of consumers and users of the Online Shop.

Mueve-t makes available to its users, either through their marketing tools, or via agreements with other companies or websites, the possibility of using codes promotional items that can be entered on the cart summary page by the user ( The discounts apply with promotional codes may be of different types:

· Discount applicable to part of request

· Discount applicable to whole order

· Discount with or without purchase minimum required

· Discount on value or discount percentage

· Etc.

The concrete conditions of each promotional code will be those that appear associated with the same, understood if these were not written, the general conditions expressed in this point.

Users who make use of promotional codes on the website should take into account that these may not be cumulative.

All promotional codes that Mueve-t provides by email or other digital means to its customers will be valid for a maximum of 1 month unless specified otherwise. contrary.

Applying a code may be subject to a purchase for a minimum amount determined and in fact the most normal thing is that it is so.

The promotional codes have to be used in their entirety in each act of purchase, not being able to accumulate portions of the same to subsequent purchases. In the event that, by stock insufficient, Mueve-t can not serve everything requested by the user and the order has been made with promotional codes, resulting in the promotional codes spent only in part, Mueve-t will not refund the amount leftover from those codes to the user.

Mueve-t reserves the right to cancel promotional codes or discount vouchers when you notice a use fraudulent or improper system of generating such codes. HE considers fraudulent or improper use of the system of promotional codes, among others, the sending of invitations between email accounts of the same person or the use of promotional codes of the same campaign in different orders from the same user or to be delivered to the same postal address, when such use is limited to one code per user. Also Moves-t reserves the right to void all promotional codes associated with the suspicious accounts of misuse of the promotional code system.

You can also consider a fraudulent or improper use of the discount system by promotional codes the use of the same PayPal account to make the payment of more than 1 request using the same promotional code or promotional codes of invitations with the aim of self-invitation, even when it comes to registered users with different email account sharing the same delivery address.

In the same way it would be considered a use fraudulent use of different email accounts for use of the same promotional code created and advertised as a coupon valid for a first purchase or a single use, and whose purchase is destined to the same user and / or mailing address.

Shipping costs will be calculated on the final amount of the discounted order how many promotional codes, discounts or offers there.

That is, given the following order casuistry:

· Shipping cost = 6 €

· Shipping costs = 0 €, for orders over 50 €

· A user has placed an order for 55 €

· Apply a promotional code for the value of 10 €

Then the result to be paid by the user is € 51, which is obtained as follows: € 55 - € 10 coupon = € 45; and as € 45 is less than € 50, you are charged € 6 Shipping. 45 € + 6 € = 51 €

The User agrees to use the website in accordance with the Law, with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, morals, good customs, public order, and generally accepted uses, and undertakes to abstain to use the website for illicit purposes or effects.

The User will respond from the damages of any nature that Mueve-t may suffer as breach of any of the obligations is subject to these Terms and Conditions.


5.1 Pre-registration Recruitment

To place an order in the Online Shop it is necessary that the User registers previously through section of the Web site & quot; Create an account & quot ;, indicating a name of username, password, and email address. Registration is gratuitous. Once the User has registered, he / she must complete the section "Personal Data" and then the "My Addresses" section.

The username and password are personal and non-transferable data of each User and must be under the custody of the same, for which it is expressly prohibited to communicate them or facilitate its use to third parties.

In order to avoid your knowledge by third parties, Users will not record such keys in notebooks, wallets, papers, post-it, etc., being preferable its memorization.

If the User had indications or certainty that another person knows your identification data and password, you must change your password, requesting a new one in the section "My data personal ". For its part, Mueve-t reserves the right to cancel the registration in the event that it detects a fraudulent use of it.

Mueve-t informs you that both the collection of your data as the display on the Website will be transmitted through a secure connection, encrypted and protected according to SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layers).

The Customer will be able to make shopping online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The User can access the Online Shop and place an order ("Order"). If the Order, the Registered User will acquire the status of Client.

Once the User enters the Online Store, the available Products will appear on the screen with their characteristics and their prices, sorted by sections, prices and brands, in according to the needs of the User. The User may add the selected products by clicking on the Shopping Cart button located on the below each Product or within the product in the & quot; Add Al Cart & quot ;. By clicking on the "Cart" button it can be visualized by the User the contents of the Order. Upon completion of the Order, the User shall select the "Confirm" option, visible under the "Cart", and the entire order will be displayed. Finally, the User will proceed to the payment of your purchase, for which you must follow the instructions in screen, according to what is indicated in the next section 5.3.

The Customer is informed that the charge will be made to your credit card or debit card, both in the case of home delivery and in case of collection in the Mueve-t store selected, at the moment it was ready. The above shall not limit the possibility that Mueve-t will, at the time of Order, a provisional withholding on your credit or debit card, by the amount of it.

To proceed with payment, the User you must follow each and every one of the instructions that appear on the screen, being able to use the means of payment indicated in the Online Shop in every moment.

In the case of credit cards and debit card, the Registered User may, at the end of the purchase, select the data of the same are stored safely for subsequent purchases (through a company that complies with the PCI standard).

In any case, the use of coupons or codes may be subject to specific conditions content, product to which they refer, by the condition of the wearer, etc., which will in any case be communicated to the User during the purchase process and which must be fulfilled in their entirety for the use of the coupon or code discount.

At the end of the Order by part of the Client, it can display on the computer screen and / or print the verification of the contracting carried out and the confirmation number of the order. You must print this document if you have chosen the pick up the Order in a Mueve-t store. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Mueve-t to justify the contracting, with all its telematic address in the e-mail address indicated in the time of registration, and within a period not exceeding twenty-four (24) hours to counting from the completion of the Order by the Customer.


Orders can be collected directly in our store. We also ship by courier to the whole scope of the European Union.

6.2 Schedule of delivery o collection

Deliveries at home and collected in store will be made from Monday to Saturday (in the latter case, only in the morning), except public holidays, both national and autonomous and local, in the opening hours of the store. The time of maximum estimated delivery is 5 hours, if this period coincides with the closing of the store and could not deliver the order on the day, this may be delivered the following day of opening of the store. In case of doubt consult the delivery times.

& nbsp; & nbsp;

Except in those cases in which which there is some special promotion, the costs of shipping and / or delivery of the Order (including transportation and preparation costs), according to the modality chosen by the Client, will be the following:

- Shipping by courier: Se will charge the rates marked by the transport company, dependent on the destination, weight, dimensions and nature of the shipment, as well as other variables the company determines. In addition, packaging will be charged in case the nature of the product requires some container or handling to be removed than usual.

6.4 Delivery method

The form of delivery will be, for default, the one selected at the time of registration by the customer in the section "Buy online data".

So much in the collection to the store as in sending by courier, the risks of loss or deterioration of the transferred to the Customer at the time the Customer signs the delivery note of reception.

Mueve-t offers the possibility of that the Customer happens to pick up the Order in one of the Mueve-t stores authorized for this purpose, in the opening hours of the same according to the indicated in clause 6.2, from the two hours of fact the order.

In the event that the Customer do not proceed to pick up your Order, on the day and in the selected time slot, the Customer Service Department (SAC) will contact you to arrange the collection of the Order at another time. In the event that the Customer Service (SAC) is unable to contact the Customer in a period of two (2) days from the date on which it should have been Mueve-t will cancel and undo the Order and to pay only the costs of collection at the store, as indicated in the clause 6.3 above.

The order will be properly packaged and shipped through a shipping agency. transport to the indicated address within a maximum period of 2 working days.

If it is not possible to perform the Mueve-t delivery will contact the customer to check if they wish make a new attempt. In these cases, the Customer shall bear the costs of delivery and / or collection again, according to the option chosen by the Customer.

In the event that the Service Customer Service (SAC) is not able to contact the Customer within a two (2) days from the date on which it should have been made the delivery, Mueve-t will proceed to cancel and undo the Order and the Customer you must pay only the shipping costs, as indicated in clause 6.3 above.

At the time of delivery and / or the Customer must sign the delivery note of the Order according to the Order has been delivered and accepted.

& nbsp;

You can exercise your right of withdrawal by contacting the Client (SAC), within fifteen (15) business days following the date of delivery or collection in store, in the case of non-perishable goods and within twenty-four (24) hours following the time of delivery, in the case of all right. Mueve-t will collect the product at the Customer's address, the direct costs related to the return of the Order by Mueve-t account in the first attempt of collection. In subsequent attempts, the costs of shall be at the Client's expense, in accordance with the provisions of clause 6.3. In the case of delivery by courier, the return costs will be always at the customer's expense, unless there is a deficiency in the order, such as spoiled goods, expired expiry dates, broken containers, etc.


Registered User or Client will be responsible for:

• All those acts that contravene the provisions of these GTC, the law, morals, customs generally accepted and public order.

• Any act you will perform of way different from what Mueve-t, through the Online Store, will designate in indications or instructions concerning the operation and use of the Products.

• Your use of Products acquired, exempting Mueve-t from liability arising from any damage that could cause any correct or incorrect use of the Products.

• The certainty, accuracy, validity and topicality of the data with which you complete each of the forms that Move-t requires.

• Direct damages or indirect damages caused by any third party if the User registered or Customer lost, disclosed, neglected or, in any way, left by causes attributable to him, that a third party knew his personal data necessary for the acquisition of the Products.

In no case will Mueve-t respond of:

• The damages of any type that could be caused to the users by the interruption, termination or dysfunction of the Online Store, for reasons not attributable to Mueve-t.

• Misuse, installation or processing of the Products by the Customer or by a third party, does not following the instructions and documentation provided by Mueve-t and / or the Product.

The warranty conditions of Products shall be established in accordance with the applicable Law, and in case of than those legally required, as indicated in each case.


Mueve-t puts at your disposal a customer service, called "SAC", operating from Monday to Friday electronically ( to whom he may address any issues that arise in the process of contracting online.


The General Conditions will govern by common Spanish legislation, which will apply to what is not provided in the same in terms of interpretation, validity and execution.

For all controversy that may arise in the interpretation and application of these Conditions General, both Mueve-t and Registered Users or Customers, submit expressly to the Jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Gijón with resignation to its own jurisdiction if any.

& nbsp;

Mueve-t Sport & amp; Leisure S.L. (hereinafter, Mueve-t) informs you that the information provided by the User will be incorporated into the files owned by Mueve-t, which, for the legal, identifies itself as responsible for them.

Mueve-t informs you and, if applicable, you expressly consent, that the collection of your personal data personnel for the following purposes:

(i) manage and process each one of the services requested by the User;

(ii) manage organization, delivery and charging your order;

(iii) manage communications commercial and advertising, both of the company Mueve-t and companies of its business group, regarding products, services, offers, promotions, and any other advertising activities; by any means, including electronic; and

Likewise, if you come to contract a product that has associated a payment obligation, in the event of failure to pay in the expected term to comply with the requirements of the regulations, the data relating to non-payment may be communicated to files relating to the breach of monetary obligations.

In both cases, the User may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data, in the terms established in the LOPD, going to the following address: Office of Consultation LOPD, Mueve-t Sport & amp; Leisure S.L., C / Niort, 10-4D, C.P. 33204, Gijón, Asturias, Spain.

Regarding third-party data that the User can provide to Mueve-t, the User guarantees to have informed to such third parties or inform them in the three months immediately subsequent to the provision of their data of the terms and purposes described above and have obtained or obtained the authorization of the same to communicate your data to Mueve-t.

The User declares, under his responsibility, to have read this paragraph in its entirety, which is known and accepted, expressly and fully, from the moment in which perform a data transmission. If the User does not agree with the content of this paragraph, he shall consequently refrain from making the of it and, therefore, we thank you to re-read it before sending any of the above forms.

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